Out of Position

Inverted Fullbacks

The Inverted full-back was not a position deployed regularly  in the premier league until recently, Pep Guardiola was not the first manager to utilise the position, however having David Alaba and Phillip Lahm at his disposal, arguably two of the best in their positions at the time, and two of the most intelligent players in…

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The Ball Playing Defender

Each manager has a different identity, a philosophy from which they do not often stray. One that comes to mind is undoubtedly Jose Mourinho’s pragmatism prioritising ‘not losing’ over everything. That is not to say his teams play unwatchable football, but perspective is a powerful thing in football and Mourinho cannot stand failure. It goes…

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The Regista

“The Regista is a more aggressive version of the deep-lying playmaker, suitable for possession oriented systems that press high up the pitch.” Football manager describes the ‘regista’ as a specialised position perfect for teams that like to dominate possession and require a player to facilitate the recovery and recycling of possession. As mentioned before the…

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