Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo – Painting The Elephant. MUGA Special by Elijah

Invariably, where there is an Olympics, there is a new state of the art stadium to host the shining spectacle. A city with a great wondrous stadia in it, one that invariably stands out like a sore thumb as time passes. One only has to search Olympics and White Elephants to see the remarkable trend…

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MUGA Special – Mason Greenwood: See Through The Forest

It’s easy to get lost. In the woods. With all the surrounding trees, reaching heights that scale way beyond that of us humans. They can block out any light, making our orientation to get out of our lost ways harder. The animals within that can jump out at you, attack you. There is a plethora…

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Has Paul Pogba flopped at Manchester United?

Paul Pogba has publicised his desire for a “new challenge” away from Old Trafford. The Frenchman stated, “it could be a good time” to move onto greener pastures whilst acknowledging “everything that happened this season, being [his] best season”. This follows a precarious three years at Manchester United, where a large section of supporters have…

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Solskjær’s Slump: A deeper look into Manchester United’s recent decline

With just two unconvincing wins in their last eight games and a Manchester derby to come, many would argue that Ole has lost control of the wheel. It seemed hopeful at first, with Solskjær’s first league loss coming against Arsenal, a whole 83 days after his appointment. But after a string of languid performances, there…

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Manchester United’s Transformation under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Manchester United have seven wins from seven games under caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. In doing so, Solskjaer has managed to get this United team to play much closer to their full capacity than Jose Mourinho. This transformation has caused intrigue amongst football fans as most began to wonder what exactly Solskjaer is doing differently…

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The Washed One

Jose Mourinho is arguably the most polarising figure in world football today. Despite his critics, he is also one of the most decorated managers. So, on 27th May 2016, when it was announced that Mourinho had been appointed as manager of Manchester United, fans were relatively optimistic of what the future held. However, after the…

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