Month: February 2021

MUGA Special: Man Utd – In Defence Of Nothing – By Elijah

“Goals win you games, defences win you titles” – Everyone has heard of this. Famously said by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson. Check the statistics however, and you’ll see that it is rarely the case that the best defence wins the league. More often than not, the highest goalscorers are the ones that will…

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Martin Ødegaard: A Mødern Creatør we prayed før – Touchy Gooners Special

The Midfield General In my time watching Arsenal, the team has gone through two clear cycles in terms of player profiles. Under Arsene Wenger, the team went through a drastic evolution before my very eyes. The initial squad, largely inherited from George Graham, had its own unique depiction. Big, tall powerhouses not afraid to get…

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“Cross and Inshallah” – Premier League’s Team Crossing in 2020/21

‘Cross and Inshallah’, a phrase adopted by Football Twitter in recent years. A term of derision, it’s usually reserved for instances where players and teams have run out of ideas. In doing so, they adopt a hit-and-hope approach of crossing from deep. Often when frustrated, players will prefer to deliver a ball into a ‘dangerous…

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