Still Finding Lukaku – Touchline Notebook Special

Sequels are always hard when they have to top what came before it. The more time that passes on from that first instalment, it becomes even harder still. In many ways, Romelu Lukaku’s big money transfer to Chelsea was a sequel in more ways than one. Not just back to the second club of his…

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Cristiano Ronaldo – Painting The Elephant. MUGA Special by Elijah

Invariably, where there is an Olympics, there is a new state of the art stadium to host the shining spectacle. A city with a great wondrous stadia in it, one that invariably stands out like a sore thumb as time passes. One only has to search Olympics and White Elephants to see the remarkable trend…

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MUGA Special: Man Utd – In Defence Of Nothing – By Elijah

“Goals win you games, defences win you titles” – Everyone has heard of this. Famously said by none other than Sir Alex Ferguson. Check the statistics however, and you’ll see that it is rarely the case that the best defence wins the league. More often than not, the highest goalscorers are the ones that will…

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MUGA Special – Mason Greenwood: See Through The Forest

It’s easy to get lost. In the woods. With all the surrounding trees, reaching heights that scale way beyond that of us humans. They can block out any light, making our orientation to get out of our lost ways harder. The animals within that can jump out at you, attack you. There is a plethora…

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MUGA Special: Harry Maguire: Man Utd’s Emperor in New Clothes – By Elijah

One great thing about stories, fables and tales is that they are able to explain complicated phenomena quite easily. Such is the case of the pluralistic ignorance and Danish folklore, The Emperor’s New Clothes. The story goes that two weavers come to the emperor with new linen possessing a special power. It is invisible to…

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