Month: November 2020


Well, where do I fucking start??? The line up was half decent, however ‘Willian the Villan’ is STILL starting??? I don’t know what kind of bondage he has with Arteta. I feel like there’s some Brazilian coup happening in the squad right now and its worrying me. I know Pepe is suspended but Nelson could…

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N’golo Kante: Why He Still Has Some Years At The Top – by Semms

N’golo Kante has without a shadow of a doubt established himself as one of the world’s best ball-winning central midfield players since coming to England when Claudio Ranieri signed him for would-be champions Leicester City in 2015. Upon arrival, little was known about the Frenchman and very few knew his name, however, that would quickly…

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MUGA Special: Harry Maguire: Man Utd’s Emperor in New Clothes – By Elijah

One great thing about stories, fables and tales is that they are able to explain complicated phenomena quite easily. Such is the case of the pluralistic ignorance and Danish folklore, The Emperor’s New Clothes. The story goes that two weavers come to the emperor with new linen possessing a special power. It is invisible to…

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East Side Goon Special: Leeds 0-0 Arsenal – “Robust FC”

When I first saw the line up today, I thought ite this guy has finally benched Laca for his treacherous ways”. Willock also deserved his spot coz he has defo been balling onna low recently. Still upset “Villan Willian” nicked another start yet again, but Auba going striker and Pepe starting was a bigger question…

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Touchy Gooners Special: “pLaY aUbA dOwN tHe MiDdLe” – By Dan Koogs

I think most people will agree that, on the whole, Arsenal fans were filled with a quiet, but lingering, optimism stepping into this season. Rightly or wrongly, this was mainly due to the more enjoyable way that the, generally miserable, 19/20 season came to an end. Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal team were able to beat both…

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