Month: June 2021

Steven Gerrard: The Rangers Journey to 55

In Steven Gerrard’s final days at Liverpool, he had bowed out in embarrassing fashion losing his final home game at Anfield 3-1 to Crystal Palace and losing 6-1 away to Stoke City in his final ever league game. It was certainly a bitter end to his Liverpool career and not the way he had hoped…

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The 2020/21 Premier League campaign has concluded and for Liverpool it has been the most peculiar season. The Reds came in as favourites being the reigning champions but succumbed to a scrappy top four race, of which they achieved on the last day. A mix of unfortunate events such as injuries and personal problems has…

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Wilfried Zaha: Has he missed the boat?

In recent years, Wilfried Zaha has been heavily linked with moves away from Crystal Palace to teams in the top 6 of the Premier League as well as European giants abroad. However, it remains to be seen whether he’ll be able to secure his desired move. As time goes by, Zaha’s chances of playing European…

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Starboy rankings 2021/22

Touchline Analysts were challenged to do a rank that stands the test of time. The composite column on the left is what our combined rankings of the players are. You can see where each analyst rated a player by looking at the matrix. If you’re on mobile switch to landscape!! Only attacking players under 21…

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The night in Porto, three centre backs and the art of the ‘second chance’ in football

As a Chelsea fan, the past couple days since the triumph in Porto has allowed the observation of a beautiful irony with the discussions of our squad. The solidification of the ‘youth revolution’, with Reece James’ name now entering the upper echelons of right back discourse, along with the ever-increasing stardom of a future legend…

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