In defence of the referees..

‘Extra money, with some slight abuse on the side’. I remember describing to my friends my rationale for becoming a qualified match official during my time at university. It was a decision I had made rather easily, having volunteered as an official prior in more disjointed, disorganized levels. Yet, 6 months on from my last…

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Jorginho and the problem with individual awards

The Ballon d’Or and the UEFA Men’s Best Player awards are the two most coveted individual trophies within men’s football. The ceremonies are star studded, the candidates boast extraordinary statistics and feats, and the football world argues relentlessly over which incredible athlete deserves the immortalisation of their performance in the records. So, it is little…

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The night in Porto, three centre backs and the art of the ‘second chance’ in football

As a Chelsea fan, the past couple days since the triumph in Porto has allowed the observation of a beautiful irony with the discussions of our squad. The solidification of the ‘youth revolution’, with Reece James’ name now entering the upper echelons of right back discourse, along with the ever-increasing stardom of a future legend…

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