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Touchline Media Group is unique in media as it’s a predominantly black-owned media platform managing to deliver intellect, candor and comedy. 

Co-Founded in 2014 our co-founders cultivated a brand that is a combination of technology, Black British culture, innovation, consistency and talent discovery.

Today the Touchline Media group is a continuously evolving refined production machine. Touchline Fracas stands out as a brand that has an ever-growing audience, dominating social media conversation with unmatched social engagement as evidenced by our Twitter hashtag #TouchlineFracas. 

Touchline Media group has built 9 sports brands, and has scouted an amazing talent pool.  Touchline Fracas continues to challenge conventional mainstream media and continues to amplify the best voices from their community.

Morayo Bamidele

Project Manager with industry experience overseeing large teams.

Lewis Rowland

Football Data & Analytics professional.

Daniel Sofoluke

Tech Consultant for blue chip companies.

Ayo Disu

Economics professional and expert 

Ifé Meedolson

Financial accountant (ACCA member)

Samuel Williams

Marketing and branding expert.

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