TG Special: What do you think they’re smoking over there at the Emirates? – by Dan Koogs

A real mixed bag Mikel Arteta has been in charge of Arsenal since December 2019 signing a 3 1/2 year deal. “A completely mixed bag” would be an accurate description of performance both in terms of off and on field performance. Fan opinion seems fairly split when evaluating his time at the club so far….

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“Trust the process” – Football’s greatest fallacy? – By Dan Koogs

New season, new nightmare   On Monday Night Football on Sky Sports, following a 2-0 defeat to Tottenham Hotspur Jamie Carragher came out in a bold defence of Mikel Arteta. “I wouldn’t even think about Arteta’s position. I really like Arteta. Arteta brought in Partey and Gabriel and they look Arsenal’s 2 best players. They’ve…

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Martin Ødegaard: A Mødern Creatør we prayed før – Touchy Gooners Special

The Midfield General In my time watching Arsenal, the team has gone through two clear cycles in terms of player profiles. Under Arsene Wenger, the team went through a drastic evolution before my very eyes. The initial squad, largely inherited from George Graham, had its own unique depiction. Big, tall powerhouses not afraid to get…

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Instant gratification vs a futuristic outlook – A conundrum

“Believe in me” Mikel Arteta’s words, caught on camera during Arsenal’s FA Cup celebrations. Essentially a declaration to one of his disciples as proof that he has all the answers and would be the way forward. There is no doubt that Mikel Arteta’s job has come under increasing scrutiny in recent weeks. The Arsenal manager…

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Touchy Gooners Special: “pLaY aUbA dOwN tHe MiDdLe” – By Dan Koogs

I think most people will agree that, on the whole, Arsenal fans were filled with a quiet, but lingering, optimism stepping into this season. Rightly or wrongly, this was mainly due to the more enjoyable way that the, generally miserable, 19/20 season came to an end. Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal team were able to beat both…

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