Todays betting tips

Todays Big Money Fourfold

Newcastle to win
Norwich to win
Bury to win
Aberdeen to win

A massive 8.69/1

Meaning a £10 stake will return you £86.90

Were so confident our tipster @a1deniro is placing £40 on this acca for a return of a whooping £347.60

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Tom’s Treble Treble

3 star difficulty – Man United, Preston, Bury to win – 4.08/1 – £20 returns £81.60

4 star difficulty – Norwich, Newcastle, Mk Dons to win – 5.22-1 – £10 returns £52.20

5 star difficulty – Blackburn, Barnsley, Southend to win – 24.88/1 – £15 returns £124.40

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BTTS & Win

Blackburn to win BTTS
Cardiff to win BTTS
Bradford to win BTTS

£1 stake returns you £247.50 on bet365

Not bad ay!?

New £10 to £1000 challenge

£10 on Man City to win be winning at half time returns £15.33 which be rolled over to another bet hopefully until we reach £1000

Lets win some money!

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