109 goals in 632 premier league appearances, Guess who ? You would be forgiven if you guessed Yaya Sanogo, or Bosko Balaban (One for Danny Rose to google). Alas you would be wrong. These are the stats of Manchester United ‘legend’ Ryan Giggs. In his career he only scored 109 goals in 46,433 minutes of football. Im not saying Ryan Giggs is a fraud by any stretch of the imagination, you certainly can’t fraud a 20 year career…although he tried his best.

Despite being a Chelsea fan, i still am able to appreciate legends of other clubs. The subject of Giggs status came up in a debate about my premier league all time 11. I was met with snorts of derision by Manchester United fans when Giggs was omitted from my XI. They were shocked and disgusted that this kick and run merchant didn’t feature. In my slightly biased opinion Giggs is nowhere near good enough to command a spot in the best EVER premier league team.

Real icons like Thierry Henry were on another level. Even with the arguably lower standard of defending in previous times, coupled with the fact Giggs turned out for a totally dominant United side in those years, i find it a personal insult that he is held in such high esteem. Don’t get me wrong over 20 years in the game is no joke, the real joke is that ‘legend’ Emile Heskey isn’t given as much credit. Heskey managed 110 premier league goals in 112 less games. Where’s his statue ?

With 13 premier league trophies in his career Giggs really must thank his teammates, imagine what Eden Hazard could do if he wasn’t carrying Chelsea on his back. (Hazard already has 70 goals in less than half of Giggs appearances, playing against probably better coached defenders). Giggs was carried to glory and is nothing more than a welsh Andros Townsend. United fans you might be reading this shaking with rage, just remember the theme of this segment.

Agenda backed up with facts is truth.

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2 comments on “Giggs-eh

  1. Yann Kizer says:

    Say it with your chest hermano, Ryan Joseph Giggs is the most fraudulent player in the history of the prem. Fergie being lenient enough to give this man the unmerited hype he deserves is one the footballs equivalent to a crime against humanity, the football gods punished Sir bacon-face for his transgressions by allowing Barca to spin him, TWICE, under the brightest of lights. Anyway back to the shagger of his brother’s wife, he averaged roughly 29 games per season with 5 goals and 5 assists, are these the stats of a great player? 6 TOTY appearances in the greatest for all 20 odd seasons? Bear in mind his final TOTY appearance was gifted to him on the backs of having started 12 games and only scored 2 (TWO) goals, unreal fuckery by the nitwits that voted that year. He was named player of the year exactly zero times and even the menial player of the month only 3 won in 270 months??? Never named to any continental XI in his career, save for them legacy ones again just handed to him because he just happened to be there, my blood is boiling as I’m writing this ffs. Let’s be honest the welsh Oxlade-Chamberlain was a longevity merchant a bang average player with an unmerited amount of hype surrounding his name, that’s about it.

    P.S I’m going to need someone to write an article about the Ginger Charlie Adam that is only rated for hitting trees from long distances.

  2. @Star Stef says:

    if Giggs is a fraud what was Beckham?

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