EAST SIDE GOON SPECIAL: Spurs 2-0 Arsenal – “NLD – North London Disgrace”

Just when I thought we hit rock bottom we end up in this mess. I knew the first half was gonna get long when we gave the ball away for a throw in – straight from kick off???? There were small signs we could cause Tottenham some problems but yet again, naivety cost us. The first goal was a great counter attack from our paigons which is painful to admit but its the truth. The 2nd was more of the same stuff – Partey coming off the pitch mid-counter did not help either, but would he have prevented the onslaught by himself?

Every week I ask God why Xhaka still earns a place in our first team in our midfield and he still has not answered me. I can’t find many ;positives about this game, it just was not good enough, I hate possession football without purpose. Whipping in tonnes of crosses to Auba, who is not renowned fo his heading ability is simply not enough, Lacazette worked hard but him playing no.10 irks me when we have one of the worlds best playmakers sitting at yard playing fortnight.

These starting line ups and formational decisions are ultimately a result of poor management from the Board! – not Arteta. This does not mean Arteta cannot be criticised, but our energy should remain firmly concentrated the poor investment we have seen over the past years. Some of these players let Wenger down, let Emery down and are now letting Arteta down.

Enough is enough


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