Champions League or Championship?


As the season reaches its climax and with so much yet to be decided, whilst we don’t really have a much desired title race, we seem to have fights everywhere else in the table.

We asked Touchline Fracas Pundits to predict who they feel will be playing in the Champions League next season and who will be playing in the Championship.


I think, Chelsea, Arsenal, Utd and City
will get top 4, mainly because I think city will get it together and their home form will make sure Liverpool don’t overtake them.

Relegated I think Sunderland, Burnley and Leicester. Mainly because Sunderland have been on a downward spiral since Poyet left and I think it’s their time.


Top 4 will be Chelsea, Arsenal, United and City. Liverpool and Spurs are too far away to catch City who despite their poor form have the individual quality to stay 4th.

Leicester, Burnley and Hull will go down. These teams don’t have the necessary quality to survive in my opinion. Burnley are well organised but they must turn more draws into wins. QPR and Sunderland will survive by the skin of their teeth.


Top 4 will be Chelsea, Utd, Arsenal and City – title seems pretty much a given for Chelsea, picked Utd to finish 2nd just because the momentum and new found confidence and I see Utd beating arsenal at Old Trafford just to pip 2nd, arsenal and City I expect to win more or less the majority of remaining games thus qualifying for the Champions League

Relegation, Sunderland, QPR and Burnley Burnley. I reckon Leicester will escape the drop playing a lot of teams around them at home and I don’t think Burnley have much quality, QPR Jekyll and Hyde and Sunderland are woeful.


Top 4:

With Chelsea limping to the finish line and top 4 veterans Arsenal picking up the pace behind them, the two Manchester clubs are my pick to swallow up the remaining two Champions League places this season. The ‘Talent vs Passion’ duel between City and Liverpool has tended to go in favour of the Merseyside club when the two sides meet of late. City however still have the offensive quality to steam roll their remaining 6 opponents regardless of form, rendering it difficult to see The Reds bridging a four point gap before the season closes.

Bottom 3:

With all 3 newly promoted sides predictably struggling to cope with the Premier League, I predict only one of these three to survive; leaving Burnley QPR and Hull (facing a tough run with United, Spurs Liverpool and Arsenal still to play) to fall back down into the abyss of lower tier football.


I think the top 4 will remain as it is, Chelsea have a manager who is a regular winner of titles, so his experience in that position will come in good stead. But this is football, stranger things have happened, in terms of the top 4, Arsenal and Man Utd are in good form, they will continue till the end, I think arsenal will come 2nd as they seem to have the easier set of fixtures. Man city will finish 4th, they look bereft of confidence and their key players look uninterested and out of form, but having said that, they have too much quality to drop any more points. (Sorry Liverpool fans no Champions League football).

The bottom 3 will contain Leicester, Burnley and Sunderland, all 3 teams are running out of games, they have minimal quality to main a consistent drive out of the relegation zone.


Top 4 will stay the same. Liverpool don’t deserve to be in the Champions League spots if they have Henderson taking set plays and their best CM playing centre half.

I’m not sure on whose going down but I hope burnley pull off something miraculous. Done well in games this season and I like their manager and how they work hard for each other. Hull are doomed. Their fixture list is looking like death row. Fans might as well start planning the minibus routes in the championship.


I think Chelsea, Arsenal and both the Manchester clubs are going to finish in the top four. These teams’ ability to score goals are what separate them currently and I think it will be the telling factor in the end. Liverpool’s top scorer has 7, Spurs don’t get many outside of Kane and Southampton are lacklustre in that department too. Spurs’ defensive problems hold them back too.

Injuries are probably going to consign Hull to the drop along with QPR and Burnley. Leicester have shown good spirit in recent weeks and have 5 home games of their 7 left. I see them putting a run together that will just get them out.


I think Chelsea, United, City & Arsenal top 4. That’s just me going with the safe most likely bet, because I’m naturally cautious. I think the expectation on all of these 4 teams is to finish top 4 & they have the most to lose if they don’t make it. I think that pressure could bring enough motivation out of the players if these clubs to help them achieve their individual targets.

I can’t lie though. My opinion about the bottom of the table is more useless than Welbecks goal threat. Sorry I can’t be helpful on that account – Swag


Top 4 Chelsea – miles ahead winners. United picking up form at right time look difficult to beat will prob beat Arsenal at home on this form and finish second. Arsenal form at right time players fit looking good but both teams playing well will prob show old deficiencies tactically and prep wise against a team as good playing as well so will lose to United. City in free fall but have enough to finish top 4 closest contenders will be Liverpool may push city to the line the way the league is lining up especially if City lose to Spurs

Relegation interesting Leicester have most games at home have been competitive all season and play a few teams in an around in some old fashioned 6 pointers some may not be done yet but likely to go down. Sunderland dismal will go down, QPR to go down also and I Hope Burnley stay up if so Dyche manager of the year. Just an Honorary mention to Crystal Palace and Pardew for the miracle turn around


Top 4 – Chelsea, United, Arsenal, City. As an Arsenal fan it kills me to say United will finish above us, but maybe I’m just trying reverse psychology. The Top 4 will remain as it is, I just can’t see Liverpool, Spurs or Southampton even, having enough about them to overhaul a free falling City. Current Top 4 for Champions League.

Relegation – Its tough, but I think Sunderland and Hull are in huge trouble at the moment, the fight from Burnley and Leicester will see them safe, which means QPR will be playing Championship football again next season.

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