Eden Hazard to Real Madrid ?

Eden Hazard reportedly would turn down a contract extension from Chelsea, whilst this isn’t a surprise to me it will certainly be a jolt back to reality for many Chelsea fans. Looking at his fathers comments Thierry Hazard doesn’t actually state that Hazard has turned down a contract extension, he merely states that he would, supposedly to leave the door open for Real Madrid.

In actual fact there couldn’t be a worse time for Hazard to be Real Madrids next galactico. With the ever inflating market and Real Madrid shying away from megastar signings its difficult to see the move happening. Difficult but not impossible. Speaking to a member of Hazards team he claimed the Belgian was interested in a move to Madrid last summer, and had he not broken his ankle a move would have been a possibility.

Real Madrid have started to focus on younger talent such as Vinicius Junior (16)

Nevertheless it may be time for Chelsea to start envisioning a world without Eden Hazard, for most of us he is the sole provider of ‘edge of your seat’ moments. Without Hazard Chelsea look toothless and with him in the team it is one track attack. Either Hazard turns up or Azpilicueta has to find Morata with their trademark cross.

Eden Hazard during the Premier League match between AFC Bournemouth and Chelsea at Vitality Stadium on October 28, 2017 in Bournemouth, England.

The scariest part of Hazards departure is the way his transfer funds would be spent, Chelsea recently released their profits for last season and it was shown that even with the Premier league winners money the club was only in profit including income from player transfers. With the new stadium on the horizon and the club requiring income from outgoing transfers, it isn’t very hard to see Chelsea not replacing arguably their most talented ever player. Frank Lampard’s goals from midfield still haven’t been replaced,

Even if the transfer sum for Hazard is significant and most of it is spent on transfers, Chelsea have a penchant for stocking up on sub-par players, and are paying the price for that now. Either way the Premier league will lose os best player, and you cant blame Hazard for preferring Marcelo, Isco and Kroos above Alonso Willian and Bakayoko. If Hazard leave it could propel him to another level altogether and even Chelsea fans have to admit. That would be a sight worth seeing.

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