East Side Goon Special: North of the Wall

Going north of the wall is never easy. I thought after another frustrating mid-week performance vs Southampton we would’ve made some improvements in todays game against Everton. Todays line up was better but questionable. I still don’t think Willian deserves to start in our attack under any circumstances. Auba’s injury looks short term but still scares me looking at our starting line up without his name included. I’m seeing better passages of play but no killer instinct in the final third is killing the tandem. Pepe and Niles on the right makes the most sense, they need more game time as a pair. Good play on our stronger left side as usual with Saka and Tierney. Willian on the left still does not cut it for me, he needs to be on the bench. Hopefully Martinelli’s return will shift Willian further down pecking order. As much as I dislike Luiz he looked ok and was trying to play progressive football. We’re just sluggish overall and start too slow. Arteta hasn’t lost his dressing room yet, but can he galvanise and boost the morale of this team? Our next 3 games will ultimately provide the answer


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