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A Weekly Football Podcast.

On this weeks show the panel discuss just how influential coaches are in a players development, as well as delving into a number of other subjects related to player development

– What coaches are the most influential in a players development
– Different stages of players development
– Can Wengers style of players development work in the modern day game
– Peps model of players development
– Mourinho’s lack of credit given into his players development
– What manager would you choose to develop the next 16 year old prodigy and turn him into a super talent?

We also answer quite a few of your listeners questions at the end of the show. Thank you for every question you send in, you can continue your support by sharing our podcast, recommending a friend, giving us a review on itunes, or simply giving us some feedback on @TouchlineFracas. Just one of those things would be hugely appreciated.

Host – @Lewbob91
Matt – @The_W_Address
Mickey – @TheRegista_
Ife – @MrMeeds
Morayo – @Whodeknee


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1 comment on “025 – How Influential Are Coaches in A Players Development?

  1. dan says:

    Guys, you need to sort out the sound quality. I want to listen to this podcast but it is so difficult to hear everyone.

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