@ChessyHour Tempo Setting in Chaos:
@MrMeeds @OfficialJayD11@JoeTweedie
The topics this week are:

  • Watford win
  • The Palace win and its struggles
  • Reece James’s form
  • Mount’s adaption
  • The return of Jorginho
  • Christensen debrief
  • Kai Havertz nearly on the yacht

Chessy Hour – Timestamps

Zouma’s Flowers vs Watford – 02:35Midfield composition vs Watford – 11:52Billy Gilmour – 19:20Crystal Palace Review – 27:35Jermaine’s dedication – 29:14 Reece James Concerns – 31:59RLC Remontada – 38:45Jorginho Tempo specialist – 42:11Kepa…again – 47:06Christensen called out – 52:29Kai Havertz –  01:01:06 Listeners Questions –  01:07:05

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