Norbert the lights are shining

Jurgen Norbert Klopp…Norbert. For the duration of this article we will address Mr Klopp as Norbert. The lights are shining too bright to read any of his other names. Norbert took over the Liverpool job in October 2015, roughly 3 seasons ago now. In that time his win record stands at 41 games out of…

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012 – Player Battles I

012 – Player Battles I A Weekly Football Debate Podcast This week the panel introduces a new feature called ‘player battles’ as guests compare and debate who the best player is, as we compare and contrast the best footballers in the world Host – @Lewbob91 Ayo – @UncleD1su Leroy – @LeroyAFC Elijah – @AliquaScripto Junior…

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