Arsenal have started their meltdown to the season much earlier than expected. The #WengerOut brigade are in full voice, calling for Arsene Wenger and Stan Kroenke to leave the club. Such noise usually comes around March where the team makes the scheduled downward spiral into mediocrity. The environment around the Emirates is ominous at best…

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The Abstract Attribute of Footballing Intelligence

It is as intangible an attribute as they come in football. It’s not like technical prowess, where it can be easily seen how well a footballer manipulates the ball to his advantage or his physical adeptness enabling him to overcome his opponent via speeding past them or brushing them off with their strength. No, footballing…

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Has No Europe Aided Liverpool’s Title Challenge?

This season a never ending conversation over whether not playing Champions League football has aided Liverpool’s Premier League title challenge, and whether they would actually be top of the League had they been in European competition has been a much spoke about topic by football fans. Of course it is all hypothetical and no certain…

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