223: MUGA – I’ve seen what you’ve done for others

Welcome to another episode of MUGA (Make United Great Again). A weekly Manchester United podcast under the #TouchlineFracas banner.

We apologise for the poor audio this week, as we had technical issues with our recording software and gremlins with skype. We hope the listen isn’t affected too much and the problem will be rectified next week. 


Morayo – @whodeknee
Ayo – @_Nomics
Elijah – @AliquamScripto
Seb – @Sebby_Lo

Follow us on twitter – @MakeUtdGr8Again

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You can buy #TouchlineFracas live show tickets for the 11th August here https://shoobs.com/events/42107/touchline-fracas-man-u-vs-cfc-live-screening

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